Transdev Burnley

We run buses in around Burnley, including Mainline, Burnley Connect and the fast and comfortable Witchway to Skipton and Manchester.

The WitchwayThe Witchway

From our operating centre in Burnley our routes run under various brand names, including the Witchway, Burnley Connect and Mainline.

The Witchway is our fast, frequent service to Manchester city centre. The 15 double deck Witchway vehicles were replaced in 2012, with upgraded leather seats and a distinctive new livery with a younger, blonder witch a homage to 50's glamour art. The vehicles are linked to satellite tracking equipment, which enables us to monitor the performance of the service more closely and to respond more quickly at times of disruption.

Burnley Connect is the name for our buses which run in and around the town. Our buses are WrightBus StreetLite Micro Hybrids, which are built from lightweight materials and feature regenerative braking technology. This uses the kinetic energy from braking to charge the battery; this energy can then be used to power auxiliaries such as the lights. These features make the buses more energy efficient and better for the environment.

Mainline runs from Burnley to Padiham, Colne and Keighley. In 2009 we spent £3.1 million in 19 new state-of-the-art buses for Mainline, with refurbishment for a further 11. This included a refreshed two-tone red livery and part leather seating.

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