When can I travel?

The choice is totally yours. You just turn up for any journey, and travel. It is as simple as that. Most services start at around 5am and the last journey ends at around midnight.

Where can I travel from?

Maps showing the location of all stops is included in our routes section.

What do I do at the stop?

As the bus approaches please give a clear signal to the driver. This avoids any confusion that you may be waiting for a different service.

How do I pay for my journey?

For standard single and return tickets, weekly and monthly tickets, you can turn up at your chosen stop, and pay the driver as you board the bus. It helps if you are able to have a selection of coinage with you, as our drivers can very quickly run out of change.
For travel cards for a longer duration, you can buy online in the tickets section, or buy in person at a customer information centre a bus station served by our routes or some tourist information centres.

What if I already have a ticket?

You will need to present the ticket to the driver as you board for verification, or cancelling, as appropriate. If you have a permit that entitles you to a discount, it must also be shown to the driver as you board.

What facilites are there for wheelchairs and mobility aids?

Most of our vehicles have been specifically designed to provide full access to wheelchair users. All vehicles displaying the 'wheelchair accessible' sign can carry buggies as well.
To assist wheelchair users specifically, each adapted vehicle is fitted with a powered or manual ramp, which will be positioned by the driver when asked.

Boarding the bus
Except for bus stations, all of our bus stops are 'request' stops. Face the approaching bus and indicate to the driver that you wish to board by fully extending your arm out from the shoulder. When the bus stops and the doors open please allow alighting passengers to leave before attempting to board.

The area designated for wheelchair users is shared with pushchairs and has fold-down seats. There is no legal requirement for other passengers either to give up their seat, or move a pushchair to accommodate a wheelchair user. However, we ask our drivers to make a polite request to other passengers to move if it is practical and we rely on the goodwill of other passengers.

Access ramp use
If you require the driver to position the access ramp please ask. Depending on the height of the kerb the driver will sometimes 'kneel' the bus before deploying the ramp, please leave one metre clear for the ramp to land on the pavement. Whilst the ramp is moving a loud automatic warning horn is activated. Please wait for the ramp to fully deploy and the driver to indicate that it is safe, before attempting to board. Position your mobility aid centrally on the ramp and keep clear of the edges. Handrails are provided to assist you.

Positioning and parking your mobility aid
Once you have obtained your ticket from the driver please proceed to the designated area. Park facing the rear of the vehicle with the back-rest of the mobility aid fully against the back-pad. Apply all brakes. To your left is a vertical handrail with a blue bell push. Please press the bell push, once only, when you wish to alight. When the bus has come to a complete stop, release the parking brake(s) and proceed to the exit door. Be aware of the gap between the bus and the kerb and any height difference. The driver will 'kneel' the bus and deploy the ramp if requested.

Types of mobility aid carried
These adapted vehicles are approved and certified to carry one Class 1 wheelchair and occupant in the designated area. Permitted wheelchairs should have a maximum laden weight of 300 kgs including the occupant and overall dimensions should not exceed 1200 mm long by 700 mm wide. Wheelchair users are reminded that carrying additional items such as shopping will increase the weight and could affect the stability of the mobility aid. Powered wheelchairs will also be carried provided that they are within the dimensions stated above. Please be aware of other passengers and keep the aisle clear of obstructions.

Blind or partially sighted
Our driver will assist boarding and help in any other way they can. The driver should be told where the passenger wishes to alight so they may help them to leave the bus safely. Guide dogs are welcome on board and travel free.

How do I travel with a pushchair, pram or buggy?

Transdev are keen to promote easy access for all of our passengers both young and old. Most of our vehicles have a designated area for buggies and similar conveyances close to the front of the bus. Depending on the vehicle type this area is sometimes shared with wheelchair users. Most of our vehicles can accommodate up to two buggies but this depends on the size of the buggy. The Driver may ask that you collapse your buggy if a wheelchair/buggy already occupies the designated area. If you cannot do so you will be requested to wait for the next bus.

Some buggies/prams are too large to fit, and be transported, safely on our vehicles. If you are in doubt or require reassurance please speak to your local Customer Information Centre or just call in. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

When parking your buggy in the allocated space please ensure that all brakes are applied and that it is in a safe and stable condition. Shopping attached to the handles can cause instability and may endanger your child or other passengers. Please ensure that your buggy, shopping or baggage do not obstruct the aisle as this could cause someone to trip. If you require assistance please speak to the driver, if it is safe to do so they will help.

Can I use electronic equipment?

You are welcome to listen to music and use a laptop during your journey.  We now offer free wi-fi on buses used on our 36 and 1 routes. We simply ask for you to complete a few details on the login page. Please note there may be some sections of the routes where the wi-fi connection is unstable, and we operate a fair usage policy. For the comfort of other passengers please keep the use of mobile phones to a minimum whilst travelling, and keep the volume of personal electronic equipment personal. 

Can I bring food and drink on board?

Hot take-away food, and drink in cans or cartons, may not be consumed on our buses. This is to avoid odours that other passengers may find unpleasant, and to prevent spills on seats. Small items of food and drinks with a secure lid may be brought on board at the driver's discretion. It is illegal to consume alcohol on any bus.

Can my dog travel?

Guide Dogs for The Blind, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, and dogs registered as Assistance Dogs are carried free of charge at all times. Such dogs are also carried free when under training.
Other well behaved dogs may travel on our buses at the sole discretion of the bus driver , but are not allowed on seats and should be on a lead. There is no charge for dogs.
Other small domestic animals, in enclosed boxes or containers, are also carried free, at the sole discretion of the bus driver.

Will I be comfortable on board?

Our buses have comfortable, modern seating and heating for cold days. Please do not put your feet on the seats, remembering that other customers will need to sit on them.

Smoking on board

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on our buses. This includes electronic cigarettes, as some omit an odour that other passengers may find offensive.

When travelling on a bus, how safe am I?

For the safety, security, and comfort of all our customers all vehicles are equipped with CCTV cameras, and recording equipment for pictures and sound. On a Twin-Deck vehicle the driver can also view the upper deck from the cab.

What do I do when I want to get off?

When the bus is approaching the stop where you want to get off, ring the bell once; then remain seated until the bus stops. If someone else has already pressed the bell an illuminated sign displays "Stopping", so there is no need to press it again. When leaving the vehicle please ensure that you take all your personal possessions with you, and please take your rubbish with you.

What do I do if I leave something on the bus?

Should you leave anything on a bus, if found, it will be held at the closest local depot for one month. For Harrogate & District services including the 36, this is our InfoHub at Harrogate bus station in Station Parade, Harrogate. Enquiries regarding Lost Property may be made in person, or by telephone on Harrogate (01423) 56 60 61.

Our InfoHub is open for INFORMATION & ASSISTANCE between: -

Monday to Friday - 08:30 till 17:30

Saturday             - 08:30 till 16:00

Sunday               - Closed all day