36 Fares

We've got an amazing range of tickets offering big savings if you travel with us regularly. As well as day and return tickets, you can buy weekly, monthly, annual and 12-journey tickets, which are particularly great value if you travel only occasionally. 

Buy online through our ticket store, on the bus from your driver or on your mobile by searching for our 'Yorkshire Bus' m-ticket app in the App Store or on Google Play. 

The prices shown on these pages apply from 19 February 2017

Daytripper ticket

Go large with our all day ticket covering travel across Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester!

Day, period & 12-journey tickets

Discounted fares for regular travellers including Gold tickets.

Children and young people

Meet BOB - the smart new way to cheaper bus fares for under 19’s and students in North Yorkshire. BOB to town, to a friend’s or off to school or college and save a third on adult prices!

MCard & MetroCard

Multi-operator and Multi-mode tickets, passes and permits for West Yorkshire