36 MCard & MetroCard

MCard cuts the costs of regular travel for public transport users in West Yorkshire, and can be purchased weekly, monthly or yearly.

MCard young personsMCards - the smart way to travel

Paper MetroCards are gradually being replaced by smart MCards which can be topped up electronically.

Weekly and Monthly MetroCards will no longer be issued with a PhotoCard. Instead the new Weekly or Monthly smart MCard will be issued without a PhotoCard - this means you can share your MCard with another family member of friend when you don't need it.

There are a number of MCards available; each one is different, and each offers travel options. Find the one that's right for you here

As well as bus station travel centres you can also top up MCards at over 700 Payzone outlets in West Yorkshire.

For more details, visit the MCard website.

Why buy an MCard or MetroCard?

You can choose a MetroCard / MCard season ticket just for multi-operator bus travel or pick one that also covers rail journeys within the zones you select.

MCard is a joint venture between Bus and Rail Operators and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority working together to introduce smart multi-operator and multi modal travel throughout West Yorkshire.

Further work and commitment from all network partners will continue while the system is implemented across all rail and bus brands, to move many ticket based journeys to smart enabled travel.

The project is being funded by £5.18M from the Bus and Train Operators, £3.78M from West Yorkshire Combined Authority and £4.33M from the Department for Transport.

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