36 Tickets for regular travellers

Gold tickets

Enjoy the freedom to travel on any Transdev bus in Lancashire and Yorkshire! Travel as often as you wish, wherever you wish.

Gold has now been extended all the way to the coast - so you can now use Gold on Coastliner to places like Malton, Scarborough, Whitby, Filey and Bridlington!

7 Day £34    from the driver
Monthly £102    from our offices or online
Annual £880    from our offices or online
12 journey ticket £40    buy online






Harrogate Local Zone

If you only travel within Harrogate, our Harrogate Local Zone tickets are perfect for you.

Make as many journeys as you wish on any of our buses within Harrogate, including the 36.

Weekly: £13 - from the driver or on our M-ticket app
Monthly: £46 - from our info hub at Harrogate bus station or online


Harrogate Plus Zone

The Harrogate Plus Zone has just got a whole lot bigger! If you travel regularly in Harrogate and Knaresborough, our Harrogate Plus Zone tickets are for you. Now extended to include Wetherby, Harewood Bridge and Ripley! Upgrade now and go further than ever before.

Weekly: £20 - from the driver or on our M-ticket app
Monthly: £56 - from our info hub at Harrogate bus station or online



If you only travel within the Leeds area then our GoLeeds weekly ticket could save you money. Priced at just £16 and valid for any seven consecutive days for travel anywhere on the 36, Aireline, 70 & 71 and Coastliner services within the area shown on the map shown below. A Leeds7 ticket is available from the driver.

If you travel to Leeds more regularly, GoLeeds monthly or 12-journey tickets are for you. You can use your ticket on Keighley Bus Company, Harrogate Bus Company and Coastliner buses on the following sections of route:

Leeds - Rodley - Calverley - Shipley Market Place (Aireline)
Leeds - Harewood (the 36)
Leeds - Seacroft - Windsor Farm/Becca Lodge (Coastliner)
Leeds - Seacroft - Skeltons Lane/Bramley Grange (70 & 71)

Weekly: £16
Monthly: £57 
12 journey: £20.50


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