Life is about choices.


We're faced with tough choices every day of our lives. Often, it's as difficult as choosing between tea or coffee. Should we order a curry tonight, grab a chinese or head out into town instead? 

But sometimes, life presents you with the occasional no-brainer. 

We think the 36 is the best way to travel between Ripon, Harrogate and Leeds, hands down. But we know you have a choice, so we'd like to explain why.

Packed like sardines, or bags of personal space? 

On the 36, you'll find plush, leather coach seats upstairs, generously spaced out in double and single rows, with tonnes of space between each seat. Downstairs, there's exquisite, hand stitched quilted leather, with four coach seats arranged around handy workstations at the back. There's tables upstairs, too, on the back of every seat.

Compare that with the train, where if you're lucky enough to find a seat, it's usually cramped and worn out. 

Drained data, or superfast free WiFi?

These days, data is at a premium. The 36 is the perfect place to sit back and relax whilst you finish off that piece of work, check your emails and catch up on social media.

With superfast free 4G Wifi, you'll never have to worry about draining your data allowance to get things done whilst on the move. 

And the 36 doesn't go through any tunnels, so you're always connected. 

Dead batteries, or USB power? 

Of course, free WiFi is useless if your batteries are dead. That's why you'll find USB power for your phone or tablet at every seat on the 36, to keep you juiced up through the day. 

If you prefer something a little more 'analogue', we've got you covered there, too.

Lose yourself in a book, with Library 36 on board. Or simply gaze up at the clouds and the stars, through beautiful clear glass ceilings upstairs. 

Standing around on a cold platform, or turn up and go?

During the rush hours, there's a bus on the 36 every 10 minutes between Harrogate and Leeds. Through the daytime, it's every 15 minutes, between Ripon, Harrogate and Leeds. 

That's not all. Download the 36 app, and you'll find live times on your phone from all of our stops.

So, there's no need to stand around waiting for what seems like forever on a cold platform. Simply turn up and go. 

Party pooper, or the life and soul of late nights in Leeds?

After a long week, there's nothing better than letting your hair down and relaxing with some friends.

Driving into Leeds is out of the question, of course, with sky high parking charges.

But where the train would have you home and tucked up in bed before midnight, buses on the 36 run all the way up until 3.15am on Saturday nights.

Relax, chill out, let us drive you home. You deserve it. 

Expensive rail fares, or just £7.50 to Leeds and back?

The best thing about everything you've seen so far? It costs less than the train, and much, much less than driving. 

A day return to Ripon, Harrogate and Leeds and back costs just £7.50. Two can travel together for just £12 return, and you'll find even better deals on weekly and monthly tickets which allow you to travel anywhere, anytime. 

Put simply, neither the train nor driving can compete with that.


Service with a smile is often a cliche. We think it's important. That's why we have a hand-picked, dedicated 36 team that you can really get to know, and they can get to know you.

Even though we believe in better buses with better timetables, at the end of the day, your choice is influenced by people. 

Have we convinced you yet? Take a look at the 36 in our video, plan your trip and buy tickets online.

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See you soon.