Diversions in Harrogate town centre


The are roadworks with temporary lights taking place at the bottom of Parliament Street in Harrogate at the moment. The roadworks are due to finish on Tuesday 8 August.

To help with our timekeeping until the roadworks have finished, our buses on the 36, 3 and 24 will be avoiding Parliament Street during the daytime. 


Between 8am and 6pm, the stop opposite the war memorial (outside Betty's) won't be used. You can catch your bus instead from the stop at the top of Montpellier Hill. 

The stop further down the road opposite the Royal Hall also won't be used either, but there's a temporary stop just across the road beside the St George Hotel where we'll be stopping for the time being. 


Buses coming into Harrogate from Leeds will go straight to the bus station after Leeds Road, and won't stop at the war memorial or Cheltenham Crescent. 

These arrangements will only apply during the daytime, when traffic and congestion can be at its worst or most unpredictable. 

Thanks for bearing with us. Don't forget, you can follow us on Twitter for the latest @harrogatebus