Got a rail ticket? Get ZAPPING this January for FREE


Thousands of people are discovering it's better when you ZAP between Leeds and Manchester.

Free wifi, USB power, a comfy quilted, leather seat might sound like things from the future on the railways, but they are happening today on Cityzap.

We run every hour, every day, with handy stops in both city centres - all brought to you by an amazing team of drivers, dedicated to the route, and who can use zap-nav to avoid congestion and select the quickest route! 

And now we are giving the chance for anyone with a valid rail ticket between Leeds and Manchester the chance to use Cityzap for free (yes, free!) during the whole month of January. 

Its easy - just show your ticket on board to the driver any day throughout January 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you to a zappier way to travel between Leeds and Manchester. 

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