Stand changes at Harrogate bus station


We're powering ahead with work to transform Harrogate into the UK's first low emission bus town. 

A fleet of brand new electric buses, powered using revolutionary charging technology are coming to Harrogate later this year. Your new buses will be the first of their kind in the UK, supported by charging points at key locations around town to keep them juiced up and running, all day long. 

Work is now starting to prepare for their arrival, which will require the installation of special charging equipment at Harrogate's bus station. From Friday 16 March, some of our buses will be using different stands for a few weeks whilst the work is taking place.

Here's what you need to know:

Buses which normally leave from Stand 4 will move to Stand 2

Buses from Stand 3 will leave from Stand 1 (except school bus V32, which will leave from Stand 8)

Connexions X4 and X12 won't be using the bus station; instead, they'll be stopping at a temporary bus stop further along Station Parade towards the rail station. 

Find out more about your amazing new electric buses, coming later this year here.

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