Changes to times in Harrogate from 22 July


We're getting ready to supercharge bus travel in Harrogate, with 8 incredible elecric buses due to arrive for our routes around town during the summer.

You'll have seen the work going on at the bus station in Harrogate already - our new charging masts have now been installed, ready to welcome the new buses once they arrive.

Ahead of their arrival, we need to make some changes to our timetables. The new buses will need an extra couple of minutes at the bus station to charge up between trips, so we're getting the timetable ready now in preparation for the new buses.

At the same time, the 24 will move from Stand 5 to Stand 2, to allow the electric buses a little more time to charge.

Times will change from Sunday 22 July. Download your new timetables for the 2A & 2B, 3 and 6/X6 now. 

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