Changes to tickets in Harrogate from 9 September


From Sunday 9 September, we're making our range of tickets in Harrogate simpler and easier for everybody.

You've told us that our range of tickets can sometimes be confusing, so we're replacing our range of weekly and monthly Harrogate Local, Harrogate Plus, Wetherby and Knaresborough tickets with one new, easy to use ticket - Go Harrogate.

If you normally buy weekly or monthly tickets, our new, simpler range could mean huge savings - our new tickets will be cheaper for most people, and you'll be able to travel further than ever before!

There's a number of other things happening too, to make life easier - here's a summary of what's changing. 

Weekly tickets

Our Harrogate Local, Harrogate Plus, Wetherby 7 and Knaresborough 7 tickets will be combined and replaced by a new ticket, Go Harrogate. You'll be able to go further than ever before - priced at just £14, our new ticket will cover all of our buses in Harrogate and Knaresborough, as far as Wetherby on the 7, and all the way to Harewood House and Ripley on the 36. 

Price £14

The Starbeck - Harrogate and Starbeck - Knaresborough weekly tickets will go up slightly, to £10.

Our Gold weekly ticket, which gets you travel on any Transdev bus across Yorkshire and Lancashire, will go up slightly to £37. 

Monthly tickets

Harrogate Local, Harrogate Plus and Knaresborough month tickets will also be replaced with one new monthly ticket, Go Harrogate Month. This ticket will mean even cheaper travel for the vast majority of people who buy monthly tickets - it'll cost just £50 a month, and cover the same area as the weekly ticket. 

Price £50

Our Gold monthly ticket, which gets you on any Transdev bus across Yorkshire and Lancashire, will go up slightly to £110. 

Day tickets

Our Harrogate Plus day tickets will be sticking around, but will go up slightly, by 10p. 

Harrogate Plus new price £4.60
Harrogate Plus evening new price £3.40

Singles and returns

The price of some single and day return tickets will go up slightly, but by no more than 10p for singles and 20p for returns. 

BOB cards

We'll be removing the need for BOB cards, so after 2 September, you'll no longer need a BOB card to get 1/3 off fares if you're a young person. 

There'll be no changes to our other tickets or passes, including our range of tickets for travel in Leeds, which are frozen. 

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