Here's how we're running over Christmas and New Year


Christmas isn't just about turkey and mince pies. Well, OK, so a few mince pies will be consumed. But there's lots of other amazing things going on across Yorkshire - and there's no better way of getting there than by bus. 

Here's a handy summary of how our buses are running over Christmas and New Year.

Monday 24 December Christmas Eve
Saturday service, with the last buses shown below

Tuesday 25 December Christmas Day
No service

Wednesday 26 December Boxing Day
Our amazing Boxing Day buses are back for another year!

Thursday 27 December
Saturday service

Friday 28 December
Saturday service

Saturday 29 December
Saturday service

Sunday 30 December
Normal Sunday service

Monday 31 December
Saturday service, with the last buses shown below

Tuesday 1 January
No service

Wednesday 2 January
Buses return to normal

Route and last bus (Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve)

1940 Harrogate to Aspin
1958 Aspin to Harrogate

2000 Harrogate to Eastfield
2017 Eastfield to Harrogate

1920 Harrogate to Carmires
1936 Carmires to Harrogate

1940 Harrogate to Bilton
1951 Bilton to Harrogate

1955 Harrogate to Jennyfield
2007 Jennyfield to Harrogate

1820 Harrogate to Leeds
1920 Harrogate to Wetherby 
1920 Leeds to Harrogate

1845 Leeds to Ripon
1935 Harrogate to Ripon
1915 from Leeds will finish in Harrogate
1845 Ripon to Leeds
1920 Harrogate to Leeds
1915 and 1945 from Ripon will finish in Harrogate 

All of our other routes will run as normal.

Boxing Day buses

We're running buses on a whole range of routes across Harrogate on Boxing Day. Ditch the turkey butties and hit the sales with us! Here's a summary of what we'll be running.

1C every 30 mins

First bus leaves Carmires at 0844, last bus 1814
First bus leaves Harrogate at 0920, last bus 1850

36 every hour between Ripon and Leeds, and every 30 mins between Harrogate and Leeds

First bus leaves Harrogate at 0920, last bus 1750
First bus leaves Ripon at 0937, last bus 1637 to Leeds and 1737 to Harrogate
First bus leaves Harrogate to Ripon at 0900, last bus 1650
First bus leaves Leeds to Ripon at 1020, last bus to Ripon at 1550 with last buses to Harrogate at 1620, 1650, 1720, 1750 and 1820

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