The Tour de Yorkshire is coming to Harrogate


The Tour de Yorkshire takes place over the weekend of 28-30 April, and it's sure to be another fantastic cycling spectacle, with thousands of people expected to cheer on the riders.  

Some of the best viewing points for the race are easy to get to by bus, and with car parking spaces expected to be few and far between, there's no better way to see the event.

Here's an outline of what's happening over the Tour de Yorkshire weekend. 

Friday 28 April

Stage 1: Bridlington to Scarborough

The first stage of the race will run from Bridlington to Scarborough, through Goathland and Whitby. This stage of the race shouldn't have any impact on buses in or around Harrogate.

Some of the best viewing points for stage 1 of the tour can be found right in the heart of Coastliner Country. Côte de Goathland is one of the classified climbs - find it on Coastliner 840.

The first stage finishes at Peasholm Park in Scarborough - easily accessible on Coastliner 843. If early mornings are more your thing, the starting point for stage 1 is Bridlington - get there on Coastliner 845. 

Find out more about stage 1 here. 

Saturday 29 April

Stage 2: Tadcaster to Harrogate

The second stage of the race runs from Tadcaster to Harrogate, through Wetherby, Boston Spa, Knaresborough, Ripon and Pateley Bridge. We're lucky that some of the best places to see cheer on the riders are along our bus routes! 

Racing in Ripon 

The Tour passes through the centre of beautiful Ripon. The 36 stops right in the heart of the action in city centre. Don't bother driving – a group of up to five adults can travel all day for just £20 with a Group Daytripper. 

Head over to Harrogate

The finishing point for stage 2 is Parliament Street, beside The Stray. Parking will be virtually impossible – the bus is the very best way to get into town. 

Our Harrogate Plus Zone day tickets are the best value if you're travelling within Harrogate. A day ticket costs just £4.30 – and you can travel into Harrogate from as far as Wetherby, Ripley, Harewood Bridge, Pool-in-Wharfedale and Knaresborough!

Planned changes to buses on Saturday 29 April

Several roads in Harrogate and Ripon will be closed for the full day, with rolling road closures taking place along most of the tour route. The race sweeps through Harrogate twice during the day, so we're making some planned changes to buses on the day in order to keep you moving as smoothly as possible.

1A, 1B, 1C

Buses through the morning up until the 0839 from Harrogate to Boroughbridge and the 0846 to Carmires, and their return trips, will run as normal. 

Between 0945 and 1330, buses will run as normal between Harrogate, Knaresborugh, the estates and Boroughbridge. Outside of these times most buses will start and finish at Starbeck Crossing, Forest Lane Head or Knaresborough.

Things should begin to return to normal after 3pm. 


Parliament Street and the bottom of Ripon Road will be closed throughout the day, so the 3 will run along Strawberry Dale, King's Road and Springfield Avenue for most of the day.

There won't be any buses from the stops by Betty's or the Royal Hall until after 9pm. 

Due to road closures, there will be no buses on the 3 between 1120-1250, and from 1605 until 1720.  


All buses will be running, but there will be a few changes to the route during the day.

The 0815 & 0845 from Harrogate Bus Station will run along Strawberry Dale, Kings Road, Crescent Road then along Cold Bath Road to Pannal Ash as normal. Stops on Victoria Avenue & Montpellier Hill will not be served.

The 0824 & 1904 from Pannal Ash will go the normal way, along Cold Bath Road then on to Harrogate Bus Station.

For all other journeys, buses won't go along Cold Bath Road due to road closures, so stops on Cold Bath Road, Montpellier Hill & Victoria Avenue to/from the Bus Station will not be served.


The 24 will be affected by road closures throughout the whole day.

The 0930 from Harrogate will finish at Dacre, with the return trip starting from Dacre Lane at 1042.

The 1130 from Harrogate won't be running, but there will be a bus at 1230 from Pateley Bridge. 

The 1230 from Harrogate, and the return journey from Pateley Bridge won't be running. 

The 1330 and 1430 from Harrogate will finish at Dacre, with the return journeys starting from Dacre at 1442 and 1527. 

The 1630 from Harrogate and the return trip won't be running. 


Between Harrogate and Leeds, we'll be running a normal Saturday timetable on the 36.

Some trips between Harrogate and Ripon will be affected by road closures, with some buses cancelled and others starting and finishing at Ripley or Killinghall. 

There will be a normal service from Ripon until 0825, and then buses will leave Ripon for Harrogate at the following times: 0825, 0845, 0910, 1055, 1110, 1325, 1340, 1355, 1540, 1755, 1815. Buses from Ripon will run as normal after 1815. 

Parliament Street and the bottom of Ripon Road will be closed, so buses to Ripon will not be able to stop at Betty's or the Royal Hall. 

770 and 771 

Some buses throughout the day will be delayed or cancelled, as the race route passes through the centre of Wetherby. 

The 0840 and the 1340 trips on the 771 to Leeds will only run as far as Wetherby. Some buses might need to use other roads around Wetherby, depending on the rolling road closures around the event.

Little Explorers 

The 1400 from Harrogate will start instead from Ripon at 1518. 

Sunday 30 April

Stage 3: Bradford to Sheffield Fox Valley

The third stage of the race runs from Bradford to Ilkley, Skipton, Keighley, Haworth and down to Sheffield through Brighouse. 

This stage of the race shouldn't have any impact on our buses, but there will be changes to buses run by The Keighley Bus Company. Find out more here. 

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Stay in the loop

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